Introduction: –

Do you like to play with colourful water ?? Do you like to splash balloons filled with water on someone !! Then the Holi festival is for you!

In a big country like India, any auspicious change is marked by celebration. Holi is a festival as a victory of good over evil. It is celebrated as a festival of colors. The change in weather and time has a deeper significance when it comes to Holi.

Origin or story behind Holi –

There are two factors in Holi – Holika Dahan ( Bonfire lighting) and Dhuleti (celebration with colors) which happens the next day. Holi is celebrated on full moon day and it is celebrated in Phalguna month.  The fire symbolizes the eradication of evil spirits.

The festival celebrates triumph over evil. This earned Vishnu god the status of  Protector of good. He protected his devotee from his evil aunt.  With water splashing, and painting the faces red, blue, and green, this festival is a favorite among the masses. This festival is celebrated across borders as it is celebrated In different countries like Africa, Australia, and the United States where Indian communities are settled.

People of all ages gather to play gulal and colored water called Dulahandi. People feast together and eat special sweets which are made specifically for the day called Gujiya and thandai or bhang. People nowadays celebrate Holi with organic colors as chemical gulal may irritate the skin. People wait for an entire year to eat this unique thandai which is made with bhaang.

Rituals to enhance the positive impact of the Holi festival-  Multiple pujas take place on the day of Holi as there are different puja according to their regional customs.

  • Vastu Shanti Pooja – any festival is perfect day to improve the Vastu of  home. Conducting Vastu shanti Pooja, making delicious food, Prasad and inviting people over helps to improve Vastu of the house.
  • Hanuman Pooja – Hanuman ji is considered as supreme among all devotees. Conducting a Hanuman Pooja is quite auspicious. It is also conducted to remove negativity.
  • Chanting Lord Vishnu Mantra is considered most auspicious. This mantra is chanted to eradicate negativity from the home.

Festivals are the events that brings our positive energies, peace and harmony.