Introduction: –

It is a craft that is practiced by different tribes from all over the world. This beadwork is an expression of the colourful culture. The beadwork is famous in Madhya Pradesh by artisans. Women create intricate, pieces of jewellery and designs inspired by nature. They used jewellery as a form of exchange. Tribes use beads as money and talismans use beads for decoration purposes. Beads are being used in past for decoration, handbags, table runners, and other accessories.

Significance: –

Beads were highly prized and it is considered valuable by Indians. They were primarily used as money by natives so that one can purchase goods from other natives and foreigners. The beads are used in making colourful accessories that members of the tribe wear to signify leadership and hierarchy.

Beads were transported from one place to another. Beads were considered as high monetary value. Tribal people wear beads around their necks for easy transport. Beads would be associated with power and social stature. A higher status would be given when beadwork is efficient and elaborated. The craft tradition is passed through generations from mother to daughter. Designs are inspired by tribal art and are customized to suit contemporary tastes.

Designs: –

There is common practice to use the same colored thread with the same color beads and necklaces. Beads are classified in terms of several threads used in them.

Colors of beads are used for specific purposes – White beads are used for marriages. Green colored for engagements. The traditional patterns used are -phulkari, Hayedi, Pati, and Toteni are all inspired by natural habitats. These designs are unique. Brads are passed down from one generation to another.

History: –

Beadwork history goes back 5000 years back. In the ancient Indus Valley or Harappan culture, craftsmen made millions of tiny beads and construction made from them. While Europeans explored Africa and Asia, they want to be involved in goods exchanges. They also discovered that beads could be used as a medium of exchange. They are durable and transportable. They also soon found that receivers of beads had different tastes and desires. The beaded style, type, colour was universally popular.

Challenges –

Most of the time, beads are used for making chains and are sourced locally. This gives a rustic and unpublished effect to the final product. This makes it difficult to get a good selling price for beads.

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