The state cultural diversity is seen through its rich art and craft. India is blessed with delicate weaves to good sense of exquisite artefacts and distinguished crafts that artisans give their heart and soul to create countless masterpieces. Dhokra is such an attractive form which is quite popular in the state. This is widely practiced In Betel district by local tribal community.

This is non-ferrous metal molding craft which is created using lost wax casting technique. As Young couple enters the sacred institution of marriage that is the beginning of new life, new roles and a new household. The artisans sculpted the brass figurines that embody the tribal traditional and beliefs of goods of Betel. The brass figurine of tribal deity is enshrined in the new home. This art is locally known as Bharat Kama, this art is sculpting brassiness; with the ancient technique of lost wax casting.

This art is still practiced in Odissa, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal. metal art has different forms of expressions with different tribes and traditions. Dhaka work involves casting molten metal in moulds and as each piece is unique. An individual mold is made for each piece. There is a mixture of beeswax and Sarah which is kind of gum and that is boiled to thick paste like consistency and pressed through a sieve. The unique property of natural beeswax allows it to remain flexible, inspire of being cooling it down. This can be turned and coiled in different and small shapes. There is base form that is prepared using mud and cow dung mixture. 

Then wax thread are coiled in the desirable shape of final piece. Shapes like spirals, cross-hatched smoothened into flat surface, texture of wax threads determines it final appearance of metal. One can mold it in figures of elephants, horses, peacocks, utensils, jewelry which is made by craftsmen known as Heavy or one who fills. Here in this craft, cattle bell is the oldest objects being made. This bell is then worshiped as God by some goods. The sweet sounds symbolize the cattle and hence prosperity. The oil wick lamp is very important ritualistic objects, which has taken diverse ornamental forms. When states like Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh were formed, most state of the area where skilled craftsmen used to live got shifted to Chhattisgarh. It was then Madhya Pradesh. Dhokra facility started in Betel and continue this craft in state. Many craftsmen learn and practice this trivial art from at center and rare their traditional objects as well as commercial artefacts for the bigger market. This ageless tribal craft is getting international acclaim for their pure folk motifs and figures. Rising price of material is hiking new challenges of the survival of this art with essential objects, craftsmen make accessories and interiors while using their folk aesthetic sensibilities that gave us wonderful touch of tribal art contemporary backdrop.

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