Introduction: –

As crochet makes up the heart and soul of these handicrafts, there is a special place for this art in every heart. One can find intricate and geometric designs can be found hanging like rainbows in flea markets through the windows.  Crochet handicraft captures the eye of all types of details. Their crafts are seen as a mirror of Goa perineal beauty and won critical acclaim of art world.

Usage –    

  • Crochet art was used to make flower pot holders, birds cage covers, lamp mats and shades, waste paper baskets, table cloths, pouches, purses, men caps, waistcoats and rugs placed under the tables
  • With time and experimentation, it has woven it magic across all domains in myriad patterns, designs and Items.       
  • They can make the wide variety of pieces all way from garment to bed and bath.  
  • It also includes home decor items, pillow covers, coasters, table cloth, mats, bed covers etc.·       
  • One can find scarves, departs, skirts, shrugs, dresses, tops and stoles.       
  • One can find the usage in every aspect of any household and bring traditional touch to modern life.
  •  Delicate appearance and durable nature make them must-have item in every state of the country.


Crochet acts are extremely popular all over the world. The most important part is its significance at the scale at which it is found and designed all over the world. The wide adaptability and usage of the handiwork had been used to make different items ranging from garments to items for beds and baths. Different techniques are used for making handicrafts, most delicate looking handicrafts found.

History –

  • The history of crochet begins in Arabia.
  •    It had spread to Tibet, Spain, and different routes to Arabia.       
  • It was produced by nuns for making textiles for the church. It was known as a nun’s work.
  • The earliest crochet pattern was found printed in the 19th century. ·       
  • Crochet was optimally started as another alternative to lace. ·       
  • Initially, crochet was made from bones or horns. Design


  • Some of the designs used in crochet are as follows –
  • There are different types of crochet stitches. ·       
  • Chain stitch – This is the basis of all crochet designs as all crochet patterns start with this stitch. Each row consists of foundation chain and each subsequent chain is required to made in the same size·       
  • Foundation ring – Used for making motifs. ·       
  • Single crochet – Basic crochet stitches which is short and compact. ·       
  • Double crochet stitch – It is taller and create work which is open and lace like.


Despite its art glory, crochet handicraft also faces certain challenges. Let’s have a look at these challenges-·       

  • It is a labour-intensive craft.
  • Women are not paid adequately. It takes a half a day to make crochet of just 3.5 inched by 3.5 inched and gets only 50/- rupees. ·       
  • Increasing cost of raw materials and less sales creates challenges for artisans.
  • Creating crochet reduces the profit margin. ·       
  • No Value for money·       
  • There is lack of awareness behind the effort, progress and significance of craft. 

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