If you are enchanted by Rajasthani embroidery work, then gotta Patti ethnic look is a spectacular embroidery involves lot of technique. Gotta patti is unique work which is traditionally done on dresses, dupattas’, sarees and Ghagras and turbans. This unique work is popular not within state but throughout the world. Clothes are decorated with thus beautiful embroidery for people to wear on festivals because of jazzy gold and glitter.

Usage –

  • Gotta ribbons are woven with flattened gold or silver thread to used as functional or decorative items for variety of garments and textiles used in warranty.
  • This embroidery used by royalty, members of court, temple idols and priests.
  • Gota is being used by all communities and castes of Rajasthan.
  • It is symbol of good omen and goodwill. It may be used as kinari, edging or manipulates into motifs that are sewn into garments and turbans worn. They are being worn in weddings and festivals. Married women wear them especially.
  • A number of designers used this embroidery as interplay in various designs.
  • Gotta patti is used on various occasions.
  • Used for making jewelry pieces like necklace, earrings, mangtilka and bangles.
  • Give a luxurious look but affordable in price.
  • Used in decorative panels, cushion, clutches, hand fans, puppets.
  • It is used as motif as attached as emblems into baskets, platter covers, hookahs etc.

Significance: –

  • Artisans carry out work with senior craftsman guidance.
  • Piece rate system defines design patterns, tine required in each applique garments.
  • It is a custom among Rajasthan people to get ready up in beautiful clothes.
  • It is important for people in Rajasthan to get ready for auspicious occasion and ceremonial occasions.
  • It is a good omen and goodwill symbol.
  • Lahengas and Sarees are part of wedding Rousseau where these pieces are timeless and passed down to generations.
  • Colors used in this gotta Pati work have their own significance. Gold is associated with sun and goddess Lakshmi.
  • Silver us associated with moon and it’s light.

Design: –

The designs used in this gotta patti work is of nature which symbolise that of birds, human figures, animals. There are also contemporary designs like paisley, geometrical, palanquin, checkerboard. One can see different variation which are enviable in the system. Crafts used for products use gotta work is done on cloth material like georgette, chiffon, velvet and silk.

Challenges –

  • Tradesman control this craft as artisans are paid on work basis.
  • Artists financial condition is not stable.
  • Due to low margins, there is stiff competition between producers.
  • There are no government welfare schemes for the government.
  • This work is seasonal and it is in demand according to season. Due to seasonal demand, the off season affects the finances of artisans.

Design limitations –

  • As designers are making dresses with obsolete design and no seasonal forecasts. Lack of investment is putting difficult times to set up their own business.
  • Due to prolonged working hours, their eyesight has been affected. This also reduced the working tenure.
  • Artisans uses the traditional way of making this craft and due to lack of modernisation and up gradation, sales are being affected which in turn affect them financially. Lack of investments affect their business.
  • Competition is growing as people from other communities are getting involved.

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