Gwalior night have been ruled by Moguls in the history and Persian flavour it brings with aesthetic sensibilities of this region even today. Carpet weaving in Gwalior is renowned craft which is nourished by skilled craftsmen families.


  • Used in protecting floor panels and making it warm comfortable walking surface, carpets are used in decors and furnishings. 
  • People in colder areas prefer hanging these carpets over timber houses and acts as insulating agents.


  • Proficiency has contributed to make the district one of prime places of weaving in the country.
  • Designs are original creator of master craftsmen.
  • Most of people get their house designed by weavers in Gwalior.
  • Best products are being exported to countries like US, Canada.
  • Master weavers have their looms at their home or another location.

Design: –

  • Designs ate inspired by Persian carpet designs
  • Combinations of symmetry and geometry can be seen on work.
  • Helps in organised way and helps in determine invariance and change
  • Basic framework is determined by Persian ancestors with mild variations
  • Every gap is decorated with flowers, motifs and foliage and inspired from. Natures.
  •  Two different types of designs – curvilinear and rectilinear
  • Famous for floral patterns and have tassels.

Challenges: –

  • Skill and labour intensive
  • Meticulous work and dexterity combined with immense patience.
  • Larger and more intricate design, it consumes more time to reel out good quality carpet.
  • Very little value to labour and returns are also minimal.
  • Small percentage of craftsmen are able to provide basic standard of living to families -education and basic amount of food.
  • Children below age of 14 is not authorised to start family profession.
  •  Interest of younger generation is into high yield jobs.
  • Old looms are facing stiff competition as mechanised looms are responsible for crisis in carpet weaving.

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