There is magnificent celebration of culture and heritage where artists from all over the country to participate in Hoyshala Mahotsav. It is a festival where king Hoysala show their great military victory through the assorted form of dance, music and art. The honorary art found are performed in honor of King Hoyshala, whose military genius is being showcased on wall cravings of temple.

The festival take place in auspicious for Hindus. The temple is decorated with lights and decorations. The Temple, which is a piece of history in itself. This is an excellent location for several festivities and other activities. As traditional dance is complete, a huge feast is followed for devotees in the temple. The festival take place in March. It is a festival of faith, a burst of culture.

This visual beauty of traditional and cultural dance forms from all over the country genuinely make the celebrations worth it. The way see adorned and being lit up, it seems they have come to life. A feast followed post the performance of the dancers. The diversity is appropriately displayed in the course of this festival. This showcases different traditional dance forms around the country as people enjoy these dance forms. The people take pride specially in the celebration as they showcase the state in beautiful light. The festival and its school of dance, music and art makes for a beautiful celebration that one may spend all the day enjoying with friends and family.

There are many forms of dance and music and fine arts which are celebrated at the festival. The festival become great platform for new talent and honor the significant figure in Indian history. Indian history come to life when this festival is celebrated. As if the carvings of the dancers on the walls of the temple are alive in front of one eye. The festival and activities take place in beautiful Blur temple. They are beautiful heritage town in their merits as they house history in themselves. They are many temples in the cities where one offers the prayers. The spiritual experience in heritage locations is exceptional. All the temples have beautiful cravings on them and genuinely reflect the work, and they are trying to showcase through the precision and aesthetics.  

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