Kurma Jayanti is a significant festival celebrated by Hindus all over the world. It is celebrated in commemoration of Lord Vishnu’s tenth incarnation, Kurma Avatar, where he appeared in the form of a tortoise. This year, Kurma Jayanti is celebrated on June 14th.

The story behind Kurma Avatar is quite interesting. According to Hindu mythology, in the ancient times, the Devas and Asuras were fighting a fierce battle over the nectar of immortality Amrita. During the battle, the pot of Amrita was knocked down, and the nectar spilled it into the ocean. Both Devas and Asuras wanted to have the nectar, so they decided to churn the ocean.

However, they soon realized that it was impossible to churn the ocean without any support. Vishnu then appeared in the form of a turtle and offered his back as a support for the churning of the ocean. With the help of Kurma Avatar, they were able to obtain the nectar of immortality.

Kurma Jayanti is celebrated by offering prayers to Lord Vishnu, offering sweets and fruits as prasad, and performing a special hawan (fire ritual).

The significance of this festival lies in the lesson it teaches us. Kurma Avatar signifies the importance of patience and sacrifice. Lord Vishnu was patient and willing to serve both the Devas and Asuras, even though they were fighting a fierce battle.

In conclusion, Kurma Jayanti is a beautiful festival that teaches us the value of patience, sacrifice, and service. It reminds us that with perseverance and dedication, anything is possible.

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