Are you fond of bangles?? If yes, you will be enchanted by the beauty of lac bangles. The lac bangles are vibrant manifestations of resin which is crafted by artists in Jaipur.


The lac bangles form an essential part of women’s accessories.  The gulali choodha or hare rangon ka choodha which are famously known as green colour choodha which is purchased during weddings.  Ladies wear pink lac bangles during Holi.  The lac bangles are used for creating rings, bajuband, ankles, nose rings, gajra and maathe ta tikka. The lac is sometimes used to hold ornament and it is being set with precious stones. This is also used for giving the ornaments body and strength.


The beauty of the bangles lies in ability to get customized as per customer interest. The women in Jaipur district create custom made lac bangles by adjusting bangle the desired shape and ornaments for their clients and with desired beads, stones or crystals and any other embellishments. These bangles are skin soothing and don’t cause infections or itchiness.


  • History of lac has been mentioned in old vedas.
  • Small mention of Lac in Atharva Veda and it appears in the story of kauravas for plotting to eliminate pandavas from Mahabharata epic.
  • There is importance of medical therapies used in lac bangles or related products.
  • Environmentally safe as it becoming highly popular.
  • Craft goes back to those days where Jaipur was established.
  • King of Amer has invited craftsmen to settle down in manoharpur district.
  •  When state Jaipur came into existence, crafts shifted based and it is practiced by muslim community as women sit at floors and men work at shops preparing the material in the shop.


  • Made with variety of ways
  • Made plain with smooth surface and painted over with different hue of colours.
  • Acts as base of holding pieces of precious and semi previous   and coloured glass.


  • Due to deforestation and increase in material costs, there is decline In demand of raw material costs.
  • Lack of awareness has led buyers expecting the products in less price.
  • Decrease in demand and number of outlets has decreased to 200-260.
  • Craftsmen seeking alternative professions with better returns.

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