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Every festival in our country is deeply rooted to the heritage and culture since ages. Spirituality is the strongest thread which connect the diverse ends of the country. Mahashivratri is such festival which is celebrated with immense spirituality and devotion along devotees. Mahashivratri which falls between February -March is one of the most significant one. This night holds important significance as Northern Hemisphere of the planet is positioned in such a way that there is an organic upsurge of energy in a human being. This is a day when nature is pushing oneself towards spiritual peek. During night, one is awakened whole night to get the blessings of all planets.


It is very important for people who have joined the spiritual path. This festival is celebrated with spirituality and devotion. It is celebrated as all-night activity which is loaded with religious rituals, Pooja and chanting. Meditation is let to inner self and no other better day to celebrate the spiritual pursuit. Significance of Festivals in India are celebrated for every simple event and for bigger events and victories. The spiritual calendar of India is filled with festivals around the year. It has its own significance in Hinduism. It is to be believed that devotees wash their sins away by submerging in Holy River Ganga. is celebrated on fourteenth day of every lunar month.  There is elaborate Pooja being done in temples on this day. This day is considered auspicious as devotees worship lord Shiva. This was the day when lord Shiva performed his epic cosmic dance.

On Day-

This is very auspicious festival on basis of religious and spiritual basis. Mahashivratri festival is for worshiping Lord Shiva. Temple witnesses a number of devotes on this special day. Pooja is done throughout night and people stay awake for meditation purposes. There is also myth surrounding this fact that during Mahashivratri, one observes meditation throughout the night and one will stay awake. The culture, traditions and festivals gave deeper meaning in our country. Our culture, traditions, and festivals have a deeper meaning. All of them are associated with a specific divine energy. This divine energy is given a name and for Shiva.

Shiva Means –

Mangalam which means auspicious. Shiva has much larger connotation to having the potential, being capable to, bonding well, being favourable or promising. Devotees practice by chanting mantras, performing Pooja, practice Sahara and meditation. The festival of is wake-up call to move away from conflicts but love towards truth, beauty, peace and benevolence. Meaning Of Ratri means you give rest and to give one comfort. Night is that time of the day when activities stop. At night, everything is quiet and peaceful. It also gives relief from different type of problems. Problems of mind, body and soul.


Mental stage for deep meditation – As per medical science, fasting detoxifies the body and purifies the mind. The body feel lighter and more relaxed as restless reduces. Mind becomes a more alert. The mind is more prepared for prayer meditation and prepared for prayer, which is the central aspect of celebrations.

Enhancing power of the prayers – As both mind and body is detoxified, there is more strength in prayers and intention. When fast is combine with meditation, then one can increase the possibility of desires being manifested. One can get Shiva grace with sincerity and devotion and wishes get fulfilled

Focus on meditation -Meditation done on is way stronger and effective than any other day. Devotees focus on meditation on these auspicious days. Fasting enables one to control the body natural process so that one is not distracted from being one with oneself.

Purifying the body from sins – Fasting helps mind being free from negative emotions like greed, lust, anger and anxiety. It is also believed that when one fast and chant the Lord’s names, one is free from all sins. Devotees survive on easily digestible food or simple water or milk.

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