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They are Jaipur -biggest manufacturing centre for marble statues of Hindu and Jain God image statues. Jaipur produces human figurines out of stones, animals and exquisitely bowls, carved marble vases and portraits. The entire world has the biggest admirer for marble work for Jaipur.

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There are the finest examples of stone sculpture earnest found in Rajasthan patronized by rulers for building temples.  The tradition was carried forward by artists. Artists in Jaipur has carved marble sculptures where religious stones have been carved into fine art. The artisans are on display, showing an entire cosmology of Hindu and Jain deities. The shops in Jaipur are known for workshops engaged in sculpting small and large images of Hindu deities for temples throughout India and for temple overseas well. ·       

  • Center for marble carving in Rajasthan.    
  • Deities and household items. ·       
  • Create inquisitive range for deities in purest marble·       
  • Extensive range of Hindu gods and, Ganesh, Drug.


The state had large reserves of marble and standalone quarries in India. Craftsmen have an age-old tradition of carving and making sculptures. The appeal of the stone had been unchanged. Hindi and Muslim rulers have been patronized this art. Most of the temples in and around Jaipur have their deities are sculpted from these stones which has been widely prevalent.


Stone is amongst the first material which is used by prehistoric man to create tools. Items which are made from stone are continued to be the preferred material for making sculptures. There is a rich tradition of stone craft. The skills are handed down by father to son to practice prevalent in some parts of the country even today. One can see magnificent stone work in temples like, Sonar, Mart and in Kashmir, Elnora etc. These are big temples like Dillard and Tirupati are not only in marvel in stone, but they also reflect high degree of sophistication. Rajasthan is known for different hard rock stone like granite, Quartzite, slates, marbles and other metamorphic rocks. Rajasthan has been paradise for stone carver’s stone. This city has seen a paradise of stone carved arts and crafts of Rajasthan due to availability of indigenous raw material in region. Marbles and sand stones are available in large number in this state. The forts and palaces and beautiful halls of Rajasthan are great examples of inquisitive work. The fine stone caring or fragile jail work in stone work is available.  Well ornaments domestic ware in stone are beautifully designed with a lot of attention to the art and its legacy.

Design: – 

  • Craftsman use different kind of stones like sandstone, soapstone, marble etc.
  • Large blocks of stone are quarried and taken to different craft centers·       
  •  Basic design is taken and given a different shape. ·       
  • Final carving is carried out and Items are polished.
  • There are different god-goddess are being carved from these stones. ·       
  • Artisan make products to be used in office, home and kitchen. ·       
  • They make simple and elegant forms like pen holders, paper weights, cardholders, napkin holder. ·       
  • Marble sculpture of Jaipur painting on marble is unique feature. ·       
  • There is embossing and golden foil worked on marble painting which is done on beautifully carved figures.
  • Marble paintings are adorned with Meenakari and Sunday work.

Challenges: –

As bazaar continues to dwell in the narrow lines in heart of city, as considerable number of workshops have been moved to outer parts. Government has taken steps to check on the noise pollution which is caused by hammering, machinery where dust level that affect the human health. Whereas, marble is an eco-friendly material. As transportation become easy facility, demand for magnificent marble splendours has only increased. Some powder during the process which gets mixed into air around slowly and create breathing problems for craftsmen. This creates lung problems and therefore very strong reason to shift to the center of the city.

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