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As we say, music is silence between two notes. The silence is omnipresent as this makes rare appearance . There is street called as Thatheron ki Gali where it is a home to utensil makers which us locally known as thatharte and is an old city itself in Jaipur.

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Jaipur is attraction for all the crafts and craftsmen since ages. Metal vessels have captured good part in essential household product since ancient time. The elements are necessary for storing water, food, drinking water and bathing etc. The utensils are of utility value. 


  •  traditional techniques which are required in manufacturing of brass and copper utensils.
  • Crafting process has been carried out by craftsmen has a unique identity.
  • They belong to different caste/ social group known as khatris.
  • They follow occupation which is hereditary which includes processing and carrying of metal utensils like brass, copper and kansa.


This craft dates back to Mughal Era and it is later pursued by craftsmen who is settled in Jandiala post partition. It is located within wallet city of Jaipur. The lane is filled with constant hammering of metal.

This craft has flourished under Sawai Jai Singh -2. Craftsman and merchants are invited to institute centers of trade in Jaipur. The artisans are summoned because they are necessary for supply of utility objects.

Amritsar was flourishing trade as communities od craftsmen, carpet weavers, pashmina shawls and wollen shawl. This migration has brought an exchange in culture between India and Pakistan.


Craftsmen over the years have designed different shaped hammers which give impression on metal vessel. The artisans believe that dents give strength to vessel and prevent them from further damage. The most common texture is known as Matthaar. Apart from those artisans, they do metal engraving to enhance the product. The desired utensil is designed as combination of parts which is welded.


  • The thatheras work was once the biggest market of handmade brass utensils.
  • Craft was flourishing with demands of new market.
  • Artisans have been deploying in number since 10 years as 80 families out of 300 families are doing business .
  • Hand pump does not satisfy the need of 70 people in the family as ladies have to fetch water at least twenty times a day.
  • Living conditions have been deteriorating which cause new generation to move out and find other jobs and provide the better living conditions.
  • Craft has substantial potential for development.
  • Adoption of craft suit contemporary needs and respond to evolving market
  • Aluminium utensils have replaced brass from modern day kitchen.

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