Moatsu festival is a popular festival of the Ao Naga tribe celebrated annually in the state of Nagaland, India. The festival usually falls on 1st May and continues for a duration of six days. It is a post-harvest festival, where people celebrate the end of agricultural activities and seek blessings for a good harvest next year.

During the festival, the Ao tribe performs various rituals, dances, and feasts together with their family and friends. The first day of the festival is marked by a cleansing ceremony where the entire village is cleaned. This is followed by the construction of a symbolic gate where the elders of the village offer meat and wine to the deity.

During Moatsu, the young people of the village dress in traditional attire and perform a traditional round dance called the Aosu. This is a dance of the warrior tribe, performed with a spear and a blanket. The dance is accompanied by the traditional music of the tribe, played on the log drum and bamboo.

The Aosu dance is followed by feasting and merry-making, where people enjoy traditional dishes made from rice, pork, and vegetables. The festival is also an opportunity for the community to come together and bond, as they share stories, play games, and participate in various contests.

The Moatsu festival is not only a celebration of the end of the agricultural cycle, but it is also a symbol of the rich cultural heritage of the Ao tribe. The festival is an excellent opportunity for visitors to experience the traditions, customs, and lifestyle of the Ao people and gain insight into the cultural diversity of Nagaland.

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