Chaitra Navratri –Festival of love, admiration for Goddess Durga.

This auspicious festival of Navratri is celebrated with joy, cheer and enthusiasm. People do rejoice and worship the goddess, Durga. Festival of Navratri usually comes twice a year and devotees are filled with love and admiration for Mata Durga and her 9 forms. This auspicious 9-day festival is celebrated during month of March, and it is known as Chaitra Navratri.

 Goddess Durga is symbol of being righteous and prosperity. She single-handedly fought with demons and triumph over evil with power. She is an epitome of enlightenment and protection from evil. People worship 9 form of goddess Durga.

History –

The mythology states that this day is creation of universe and beginning of world and beings. Goddess Durga has been assigned the task of creating the world and the festival has been considered as Hindu new year. Another myth state that Goddess Durga visits her mother or maternal home for 9 days, as Shiva allowed Durga for 9 days only. People worship this deity to attain inner peace, good health and strength to fight evil. Ladies usually dress up in 9 different colors. The Holy festival holds an important place in the heart of people. It has a great amount of religious value attached to it.

Here are 10 facts –

  • Festival of Navratri is auspicious in Hinduism as it celebrates with nine forms of Goddess Durga.       
  • Ladies specially worship 9 forms of goddess Drug and wear different colors associated with different colors.
  • Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped on 4th and 6th day.
  • On 9th day, maybe girls see being invited are worshiped and given delicious food to eat and given a token of love in form of clothes or accessory.
  • This is known as Kanya Pooja. This tradition is normal in north Indian states.


People fast during Navratri. This fasting process purifies the body, heart, mind and soul.

Reasons for doing fast –

People believe that fasting and sacrificing for personal interests

. They also fast out of love and admiration for goddess

. They achieve blessings from Goddess. ·      

Seasonal changes can affect the body mentally and physically.

It helps to balance energy. ·      

Seek blessings and attain salvation by fasting.

 While fasting during this period-one can is prepared for summer season.

 Entire 9 days is about fasting, worrying, dancing and enjoying.  

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