Navroz is that time of the year where parsi celebrate new year with great fanfare. This is a time of hope and optimism.

This festival has spread their wings in various muslim countries. It is celebrated by 300 million people in Iran. This festival is celebrated in diverse ways. There is a blend of local cultures and customs with religious beliefs and interpretation found in different parts of the world.

The ritual of Navroz is as follows –

Spring cleaning of the house

Families gather around together and wish Navroz Mubarak and exchange gifts and offer prayers.

Navroz as celebrated as Parsi New year bad been named after Persia legendary king. It also goes by the name of Jam shed Navroz. Jamshed Navroz is celebration of Jamshed man behind starting the Navroz calendar and Navroz means new day. Being celebrated by different communities, there are different beliefs and rituals for celebrating this festival.

 The festival is celebrated as per Zoroastrianism and it is community where thus religion is followed. It was official religion of Persia from 650 BCE until rise of Islam.

Major attraction of Navroz Festival –

Celebration – People from different religion take part in the festivities. This is representation of yearly renewal and cleansing of energies in the universe. Cleaning houses, wearing new clothes and distribute new gifts. People also do charity as per their convenience.

Rituals – The festival is celeberated with great fanfare. Visiting sun temples is must for every parsi. They visit the temple for praying of prosperity, good health of their family members. They also seek forgiveness for their mistakes.

Delicious Dishes – This festival is celebrated with great fanfare as they are pampered with mouth watering dishes. Like moong daal, pulav. They gather in common room and enjoy these dishes which is decorated with objects which symbolise purity, brightness and wealth. Famous dishes like dhansak, meethi sec Dahi, prawns, Farcha, berry pulav and more.

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