This festival is celebrated at Paripalli which is located 48 km to the north of Thiruvananthapuram temple. During this fair, over 50 elephants are taken out on a ritual procession on the 10th day of the festival.

The Paripally Gajamela is celebrated near the Sree Bhadrakali temple. The unique practice observed during these festivals is the ritual of offering elephants to deities. There is a popular belief that by offering elephants satisfies the deity and grants all the wishes of devotees.

There are a lot of cultural programs that culminate in Paripalli gajamela- the mega elephant pageant which is part of the annual festival on the tenth day of the annual festival at Kadimootil Sree Bhadrakali temple dedicated to goddess Bhadrakali. Gaja in Sanskrit means elephant and Mela means pageant to be precise.

Most Hindu festivals in the south feature spectacular elephant processions. These are the festivals are best occasions to watch the majestic elephants when they are carried out in splendour. Colourfully decked-up elephants which are in numbers 15 to 100 are being lined up ok the temple premises.

It is the grand festival that takes place every year in southern state of Kerela. There us stunning display of traditional art and culture which brings together people from different region to witness the beautiful spectacle of decorated elephants.

The name of the festival – translates to grand festival of elephants. There is amazing festival which is held at Paripalli devil temple on kollam district of Kerala. This is 10 day festival which takes place in month of February -March.

There are 50-60 beautifully decorated elephants which are paraded throughout the surrounding streets. The elephants are covered in colorful fabrics and brightly colorful ornaments and led by elephant trainers. There are traditional songs and music performance being organised. The festival shows reflection of state love for elephants.

Tourists come from different areas of the world to witness such grandeur of Paripalli Gajamela in Kerala. This is a unique spectacle that showcases the unique and colorful cultural traditions of Kerala. This is once in a lifetime experience that leaves one enchanted and inspired.

It is a must-see festival for anyone who is visiting the beautiful state of Kerela. This celebration of the state’s rich customs and traditions and life and the respect people of Kerala have for majestic creatures. Mark your calendars and witness such a grand festival next year.

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