If you like some thing from Kashmir, then pashmina shawls should be on number 1 priority. They are made from wool or animal fleece. It is also known as Jamawar as it is woven in yards. This shawl was stitches into robes or gowns known as Jama. They are kani shawls when finely embroidered with kani or wooden needles.


The fabric was used to make robes for royalty. The intricacy of designs with functionality made it popular. The shawls were weaved for warmth as well as kept for heirlooms. It has passed on one generation to another.


  • Dates back to ancient civilization and traces back to Mahabharata times.
  • Pashmina shawls was favourite among emperors, kings, princes, rulers and nobles.
  • Fabric is known as Fibre for kings.
  • They weave this fabric for warmth, easy travel and survival.
  • Wear for perfection and comfort wear.
  • Professional team do embroidery of pashmina shawls.
  • America market opened up to pashmina market as they have discovered its plush and soft texture.


  • Word shawl is taken from Persian word -shal. The length of swollen fabric being used as garment.
  • It takes two weavers to complete shawl in 3-6 months depending on design.
  • Specific species of mountain goat produce extremely fine soft wool known as pashmina.
  • Pashmina shawls are famous in northern part of northern India. It was much sought by Nawabs of Oudh, Rajputs.


  • Fiber is less than 15-19 microns in thickness makes it soft.
  • One goat is producing 3-8 ounces of pashmina pee year.
  • Finest Kashmiri wool is derived at altitude of 12000-14000 ft where temperature goes down to -40 degree centigrade as goat survivee at -40 degree centigrade.
  • Strong, supple light weight and luxurious wrap for evening or day time wear.
  • Pashmina is crème de la crème of cashmere.

Different types of wool –

  • Soodi
  • Kaani 
  • Amlikor 
  •  Saadi
  • Zooti
  • Busso


  • Availability of pashmina shawls in the local markets, original pashmina shawls future is at stake.
  • Getting the famous pashmina shawls have been major charms for anyone, but due to availability of cheap pashmina shawls, it has affected its charm.
  • Women weave pashmina had get their source of livelihood from selling these shawls. But due to cheap option available, then they are choosing to another profession.

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