Pithora paintings are paintings done by rathwa tribe. These paintings depict the main goddess called as Pithora. There is procession happens which displays its accomplishments. They bring peace, prosperity and happiness

Usage –

Pithora paintings are done to invoke Pithora is an important god. The baba either is popularly known among local people and gets faith from tactic which are known as witch doctors which give power to deal all grievances and undo all omens. The tantric is held in the highest esteem who seek their consultation and advice who fall ill.

The paintings are Important position in Rather as symbolic representation.   The Pit hora paintings are done on wall of drive dwellings as ritual. · Tribe paints their surrounding in different colours and in abstraction. · Considered as divine paintings and not used for commercial purposes. It is done on fabrics and used as wall hangings

Significance –

  • They are abstract description of surroundings·
  • Not literal depictions but perceive the elements of environment and nature·       
  • Recent one has model elements like railway tracks, airplanes and computers too·       
  • Paintings are considered as sacred. ·       
  • Villagers considered as tactic to sort out illness from bad illness·       
  • Paintings is supervised by gantries or priests. ·       
  • Completion of paintings are celebrated with ceremonies·       
  • Anybody has Pit hora paintings are respected by society·       
  • People who perform ritual is known as bad or head priest. Only males from tribe are allowed to learn art.

History –

  • Presence of pit hora paintings is considered as auspicious·       
  • Pit hora is consisted as Sari- outside the first front wall·       
  • Head priests perform the rituals·
  • Painting is done by hand. ·       
  • Only tribe men have taught this art and allowed to paint. ·       
  • Trained by senior members from young age. ·       
  • Maps are created in codes using abstract pop of natural elements. ·       
  • People who showed the loyalty by painting the map at their home·       
  • People showed loyalty by painting their map at their home. Design -·       
  • The borders are drawn which is considered as a red rectangular enclosure·       
  • The sacred enclosure contains the; depiction of mythology. ·       
  • Uppermost section of enclosure above a wavy line with geometric motifs that represent the world of God’s·     
  • Pithora is painted and wife either is placed near the dots. ·       
  • Elements like sun and moon are drawn on the top. ·       
  • Horizontal rows out of which central one containing pithora figure is most important

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