Earth is being respected from time immemorial. As mud is derived from land which proved to be perfect offering during workship for potters of Chandra Nagar. It is also bio-degradable, malleable and durable. They are daily use figures being crafted. They are terracotta sculptures being taking shape.  They are also painted with colours and different shapes of mud.


  • They are decorative objects being made   of terracotta. During festivals like Sankranti, maliya horses are made.
  • Item of utility are being made- pots, utensils, lamps etc are made
  • Sculptures are made on demand and design.
  • Piggy banks and toys are made these days.
  • There are different surreal forms which attract tourists.  
  • Potter is flooded with work during festivals. There is boliki festival which falls on Makar Sankranti.
  • Each son is given a box which is kept for him and sweet ritual to bless with good fortune to come next year.
  • Diving Diwali, craftsman make divas or lamps in various shapes like tortoises, elephants etc.
  • Tribal population give terracota on their shrines.


  • These are in different shapes like elephants, horses, tortoises, birds like peacocks, birds.
  • They are made in different heights.
  • Design is inspired from flora and fauna.
  • Products have different patterns which are stamped using easily available item like combs, shells and pins etc.
  • Bodies are made of an assembly of wheel turned cores and hand moulded additions.


  • Being traditional craft, newer design is being incorporated.
  • It lasted about 35 years back.
  • Craftsmen are able to cater to local markets and occasional tourists.
  • Lack of marketing and exposure is required for craft to slowly die soon.
  • Lack of good economic conditions and competition from mass production in moulds have deeply affected craft.

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