If you are fond of quilts, then quilts handcrafted by women in kutch. These are called as Dhadki which means pierced together.  These are quilts or stitching different pieces of old fabrics which are required over time. There is continuous switches and contrasting colours which is feature of dhadkis. These quilts form an integral part of life in kutch people.

Usage –

These are primarily quilts which is help to ensure harsh cold. They have ceremonial Importance and given as dowry. They are used to cover a stack of quilts. These communities migrate with cattle. They are elaborate patchwork quilts and the considered as pride of household. They serve as symbol of family social standing in the community. These communities reply on cattle breeding and farming for livelihood when there is drought. Income generation remains instead as kutch suffers climate change consequences and women rely on dhadki making and embroidery for their income.

Significance –

It gets quite chilly in night and during summers the quilt is essential.  This is much valued possession. These embroidered quilts display the women skill. The embroidery done on quilts are prized for its beauty and commercial value. This also symbolism social position and wealth. Old clothing is also used to make quilts. This enabled to make these quilts softer.  These old cloths are also put to use and less wastage.  These quilts are made for dowry and old cloth is not recycled. Dhadki is 5 naris long and 3.5 naris long.  The dhadkis are uses to calculate dimension for naris. Nari is measured as length of fore arm.

Design –

  •  Top layer and bottom layer with cotton padding.
  • Back of quilt is made with single cotton cloth or pieces see joined together to gain required dimensions.
  • Preference of colour for quilts would be dark green or black or dark shade.
  • Decorated by women.
  • Time consuming and it is applique
  • Combine the techniques to give quilts a stunning look
  • It is beautifully decorated with applique
  • They work in geometric or floral technique were entire length
  • Colored pieces are being sewed together of different shapes.

Challenges –

  • Quilts given as dowry have generally increased over the years.
  • There is deterioration in quality of work
  • Usage of poly fill fluffy polyester fibers has affected the feel, weight and texture is a characteristic feature of dhadkas
  • Printed designs are also substituting the finely appliqued and embroidered patterns.

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