It is believed that celebrating Sant Kabir das Jayanti brings inner peace and happiness to those who observe it with true devotion. It is also said that those who remember him are blessed with inner strength and courage to face all kinds of difficulties in life. On this day, devotees offer prayers and seek blessings from him for strength and courage to lead a successful life filled with love and harmony.

Sant Kabir Das Jayanti is celebrated every year in India on the full moon day of the Jyestha month. It is the birth anniversary of Sant Kabir Das, the great Indian mystic and saint who is revered by millions of people all across India.

Sant Kabir Das was born in the 15th century in a weaver family in Varanasi. He was a great devotee of Lord Krishna and there are many stories related to his devotion and teachings. He believed that every living being was part of the divine and should live in harmony with each other. His teachings spread love, peace, compassion and equality among all the people.

Sant Kabir Das Jayanti is celebrated with much pomp and show in many parts of India. People gather to offer prayers and recite his teachings. Many temples organize special rituals and festivities on this day, as a way to commemorate the life of this great saint. The devotees offer poojas, sing bhajans, and share stories about Sant Kabir Das life.

On this day, people also read about Sant Kabir Das’s life and teachings. His writings on devotion, love, peace and equality inspire many people to lead a better life. People also take part in satang organized on this day to get inspired by Sant Kabir Das teachings.

Apart from being a great spiritual leader, Sant Kabir Das was also a great poet of his times. His writings are still popular among people and have been translated into various languages. His famous Doha’s are recited by many people to get peace of mind and enlightenment.

Sant Kabir Das Jayanti is not just an auspicious occasion for devotional activities but also an opportunity for people to spread the message of love, peace and equality preached by this great saint. On this day, people come together to celebrate the life and teachings of Sant Kabir Das through organizing various events like art exhibitions, singing competitions, debates etc., to commemorate his life lessons that have touched the hearts of millions over centuries.

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