This event takes place in Contain region of Goa. Stigma festival is celebrated in spring season. The festival of Stigma is considered as festival of vibrancy of colors.  This festival lasts for 5 days. The Hindu community celebrates this festival by painting the elaborate mural and idols and depicts the scenes and tales from Hindu mythology.

People are dressed in flashy and spectacular, beautiful dance performances. There is festive energy which surrounds the festival as it is a celebration of colors.


This festival is celebrated as per Hindu Calendar. The festival last for 5 days before the full moon in the Indian lunar month of Phallus or spring. Variants of the festival take place one agrees another as first bring celebrated by rural class and later bring celebrated by everyone. This festival brings good luck and fortune to people.

 This festival is celebrated during spring and as it is assumed that it brings a good harvest. There are two variants

Dhakto Shigmo

Vhadlo Shigmo

Shigmo parade which is supported by state government which is the main focus and attraction of the festival. People enjoy folk dances and music, and everyone is immersed in color. There are folk dances which is an integral part of this festival as they happen in remorse villages of Goa at night.

The celebration and procession as such that outsider can understand the essence of the festival. This festival brings immense joy, blessings of good fortune and good harvest. The population is doused in festivities and festive spirit, which makes for a brilliant environment. One can get real perspective of folklore and people of the state. Several folk dances are performed during the festival. Most of the dances are performed by farmers or rural class at night in remote villages of Goa. Even if one misses the folk dance, then one should witness the parade which is the focus of this festival

 The state highlights different scenes from mythological stories and folk tales. One can see people in Goa is drenched in colors and enjoy the profession and bask in the festivities of new season and joy it brings. Shigmo festival makes for beautiful and mesmerizing experience for outsider who visits Goa at this time and give this unique opportunity to experience Goa as gorgeous state of vibrancy. This festival has not received media attention as other Goa commercial activities has. This does not leave any less than magnificent which this festival is truly magical. is highly recommended by those who feel one must visit Goa editing spring to be able to experience Shigmo festival

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