Are you fond of silver jewellery or orientation jewellery? Then you should visit Kutch. The silver jewellery in Kutch is more than just ornamentation. Each jewellery has a definitive purpose and worn according to age and passed down by ancestors as heirloom wealth.

Usage value –

Bhuj silver work includes lifestyle products. They are in form of dining sets, teapots, cups, cutlery, bowls to candle stands. They are also jhumars and furniture apart from traditional jewellery which is made for numerous local drive communities. The jewellery is used specifically by different tribes. They are used by man and woman in form of kadas. The accessories like ankles, necklaces, nose rings, finger rings are being worn by women. It is amazing to see that silver jewellery has become an identify for individuals and tribal groups.


Jewellery has an important place in culture and traditions of Kutchi tribes. All tribes wear differently designed jewellery. Their unique designs help in differentiating them from other tribes. Total weight of jewellery one women wears accounts to one to two kilos. It makes difficult to wear in harsh summer climates of Kutch. In this tribe, silver jewellery is used as investment. They were sold by people only under emergency situations. Silver is an important element for balancing other elements in our body and important for bone formation.

Types of ornaments wore by Women in tribal areas –

  • Tribal key holder – They key holder is the oldest tribal jewelleries of Gujarat.  The ladies usually hang the bunch of keys with help of hey holder. Elder lady of the family wear this hey holder which is popularly known as Guccha.
  • Pachchikam- This is the tribal piece of necklace of Gujarat. This was crafted centuries back ago. This style of jewellery coming in trend again. This ornament is prepared by cutting small stones into desired shapes and combining them in silver chain and glass work. This kind of jewelry is giving boho theme look. One can complement this jewellery with western outfits.
  • Nagali- The women in tribal areas wear distinctive heavy brass earrings. These are low and stretching the earlobes. These earrings are made from thin brass wires coiled around many times. They are symbol of marriage.
  • Bungri – This accessory is being worn by boys and men. This accessory sits on top of the ear like umbrella and it is an identity of tribal men of this region.
  • Bangle – There is constant friction of bangles which improves the blood circulation and give the needed friction to pulse points in our hands. This creates electric charge which passes through outer skin which return back to body. This way women regains her strength which is wasted otherwise.

 Challenges faced –

Due to increase in cost of silver, jeweler craft had forced buyers to leave and purchase much cheaper imitation jewelry. This had caused younger generation in these craftsmen families to take up better paying jobs. These families due to financial crunch and faulty economic policies are selling off their traditional wealth for meagre money. These are called as heirloom pieces which are melted and moulded into new designs, machine made and little craftsmanship value.

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