There is an age-old practice of bow and arrow has Bern practiced by Bhils and Bhilalas centuries ago. These bows and arrows are crafted out of bamboo, cane and sharp metal. The tip of the arrow was dipped in poison and shot out when it is used for hunting. An experienced shooter can shoot the arrow effectively across a kilometer.


The bows and arrows are used by tribal people for hunting down animals. They’re ads weapons used for shooting down smaller animals and birds for food. Used as self-defences. Toy versions are used for teaching kids and made for recreational purposes. It is used as cattle herding When the Arrow is shot in front of the cattle’s path, they can turn away.

Let’s see the significance –

The arrowheads are made by blacksmiths in the tribal community and tribals put together now and arrow contraception. They are also sold in weekly markets. The people are using now and arrow as a symbol of chivalry and self-defense. Bow has been a characteristic weapon for the tribe as men usually carry bows and arrows as characteristics weapon for the tribe.

History –

This is the oldest sport and technique in India. The now and arrow tools and equipment are easily available raw material. Bow and arrow is used for hunting. It is used as a sport for ages. This is developed first for hunting and self-defines needs and later evolved as a prestigious skill.

Paintings are used to indicate various weapons like swords, weapons, shields, spears or bows. Such paintings indicate the profession of horses and elephants which specify the presence of developed society. Bamboo and Teer kamaan are being used for small hunting and celebration.


Following are the design implemented in bow and arrow –

  • The bow is made with bamboo and arrows are crafted out of cane.
  • The arrowhead is made from sharpened metal.
  • Eagle feather is used since it is large and is believed in the ability to target long distances.
  • The shape of the arrowhead is streamlined so that it is inserted and get locked inside. Arrow is painted black and red or other bright colors.

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