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If you are fan some of the musical instrument or fan of some Carnatic music, then, one may know about the Veena –beautiful musical instrument which consists of large bowl that is hollowed out single wood piece. The Saraswati community started making Veena and follow this practice to sustain the livelihoods. This musical Instrument gained prominence in Raja court. This musical gained prominence in various households. This musical instrument is gifted to governors or higher officials.

The tunes of Veena not only create music but also tell the story of the Saraswati community and their craft which is being carried through their generations.

Usage –

The word Veena is derived from the Sanskrit word – Veda and its interpretation of this word – Vanyateiti interpretation that creates sound. This instrument is popular in south India. It had melodious songs created by the instrument but also exquisite designs and patterns that are engraved on its body. This musical instrument is integral part of culture since time immemorial. This music instrument has become synonyms with Indian culture and tradition. Carnatic music is an important part of south Indian culture and it captures hearts of several of music lover’s all-over the world. One must note that string instruments are refereed veenas. All string instrument are to be referred as Veena.

This musical instrument is used for playing the different music styles. It has several varieties which helps to play different styles. There are 3 different varieties –

Rudra Veena –

This musical instrument is associated with Hindu God -Shiva. This musical instrument is dear to lord Shiva. This Veena is specifically used for classical music in North India. The introduction of surbahar allowed the musicians to present the Alap sections of slow dhrupad-style ragas. This has led to a decline in the popularity and usage of Rudra Veena.

Saraswati Veena –

The name of this Veena is named after association with Hindu goddess Saraswati. One can see statutes of gods holding this musical instrument. The design and model are extremely special and created with fine and delicate details. These are carved from single wooden piece and lavishly decorated.

Vichtra Veena –

This Veena is used for Hindustani music. This instrument is played with help of slide.  This is used often to accompany the Dhrupad style of singing. It is often used to accompany dhrupad style of singing.

Chitra Veena –

This music instrument is used in Carnatic music in South India. This is also used as solo instrument in Carnatic music.  This instrument is known as block instrument. This instrument also resembles that of Saraswati Veena.

Significance –

This instrument has rich cultural significance in Carnatic music. Festivals celebrated In South India promotes the artists who play the musical instrument and draw upon the crowds from all over the world. The Geographical tag is given to the Veenas which has also ensured their authenticity. This tag has helped to reduce the duplicacy of products and reduce their profit share.  This tag will help to make Veena popular a significant from all over the world.

Music produced by Veena is beautiful and geometric designs ha e not only cultural significance but also academic significance in our country.

Myths and Legends –

As it is to be believed that sound resides in every nook and corner within all moveable and immovable objects and possess same quality as Aakash.  The speech or gati used for music plays an important role in music and create the same which is used in music in form of swar and laya. The music is considered as natural art which is considered that emerges from birth of human beings. As we say vocal cord is being granted to each and every individual by God and it is considered as primary and natural source of music. Therefore, all the stringed Instruments are created on the basis of human vocal cord. As Saraswati goddess is considered to be most important figures of music in Hindu mythology as she symbolises knowledge and love od music. There are different prayers that has been devoted to praise her  

History –

Our indian culture had extensive historical background which shows the introduction of music and significance of it. It has been observed that from excavations, the musical instruments have very originated at the site of Indus Valley civilisation. That time musical instrument shows some figurines of women dancing which has been extracted from Indus Valley civilization site. This shows that individuals were civilized and cultured and made use of musical instrument for their entertainment and used to dance to show form of expressing joy or happiness.

Design –

This musical instrument comprises of 7 strings where 4 of them are main strings. Pansa wood are used to make Veena


Through traditional Veena is followed by craftsmen as they also adapt to changes which are demanded by customers.  For the last 20 years, veenas are manufactured by craftsmen. With introduction of professional and ornamental Veenas, these craftsmen make Tabla, tabla set, violin, sitar.  They have also started making products in rosewood as demanded by the customers. These craftsmen do not focus on creating new things on demands of the customer. But in order to maintain continuity of cultural heritage and preserve the unique craftsmanship is the manufacture of Bobbili Saraswati Veenas in different designs and Gift Veenas in traditional handicrafts that do not decline in the face of modernization and global trends.

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