Introduction: –

Chendamangalam means colors of handbook weaving, customs, culture reversible in the head. Weaving of is well known craft of Kerela. This is known as weaving textiles on looms, and tradition has changed since origin. Due to high degree of excellence in dexterity of fabrics that is recognized at national level and global level.

Usage: -·       

  • Known for benchmarking quality in hand loom weaving. ·  
  • Weaving done for royal members of Palm family -prime minister of Cochin kingdom. ·       
  • Royal family show their loyalty dignity and status by wearing hand loom products. ·
  • Men used to wear fine muslin cloth dhoti. ·       
  • They make cluster traditional dhotis and sarees for women. ·       
  • Designs have evolved but usage remains the same. ·       
  • Dhoti is identified by plain body and Kasavu border. ·
  • Main body of dhoti is white and left unbleached. ·       
  • Borders are either plain gold or colored in tones of purple, blue, green and black. ·
  • Considered as traditional garment and oldest remnant of saree for women.
  • Set mundi consists of two pieces of cloth. Dhoti or mundi either sold alone or part of set.

The significance –

  • Distinctiveness of weaving lies in its quality. ·       
  • Weavers dedicated to ward the equipment and work in such a manner that there is harmony between physical body and mind. ·       
  • It is famous for 2 main products? Mundi and dhoti·
  • Cotton muslin weavers are fine so that it is pass through a ring. ·       
  • All hand loom apparels manufacturers had moved to machines but make use of organic and natural dyes. ·       
  • Remain fresh after multiple washes for years
  • High quality of hand loom weaving.
  • Known for versatile hand-woven cotton textures globally.

 History: –

There is main 5 centres for weaving traditional hand looms.

There is a beautiful village which is well known for its craft. The town is blessed with weavers and artisans who are skilled at the traditional craft of hand looms. They produce the finest and best quality of hand looms in Kerala State, which has been bestowed with title hand loom village.

  • Top five centres –
  • Balarampuram
  • Chendamangalam·
  • Kuthanlmpully.
  • Kanpur.


  • Simple designs are incorporated in sarees Buttas and Tutti.
  • Emphasis has to be given on creating intricate patterns and designs.
  • The designs are usually geometrical patterns. Motifs are used on sarees, which are mostly related to architectural aspects. There is exotic Kerela style of architecture known as Aliyah palace which is exotic Kerela style of architecture
  •  Old and traditional motifs·       
  • Weaving men garment -dhotis, narrow borders are often woven in pattern which is running parallel. ·  
  • They are running parallel to broad Kasavu border.
  • These weavers are suffering from decline of organization and market demand. ·       
  • Quality of textiles were maintained throughout weaving process.

There were the challenges –

  • The flood destroyed the weaver home, factory knocking down the wooden looms that damages the fabric worth lakhs of rupees. This has brought their livelihood to halt. This has led to financial loss for weavers. The weavers’ community has been able to reinstall the looms and get help financially from various NGOs. Usually during festive wear, Nam and Vishnu festival are festivals where 60% of hand loom stock is sold in the festival.
  • The lockdown has led to the following effects –
  •    Single piece of festive wear could not be sold. ·       
  • They are saving challenge of procuring raw materials. ·       
  • Many weavers are slowly moving out from profession due to fewer wages. ·       
  • Duplicate fabrics are being sold in name after importing it cheaply from other countries.
  • Due to lesser number of customers, production of craft has declined.

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